Monday, 3 April 2017

Mary Poppins: So far it's Practically Perfect (In every way)

"If you reach for the stars, all you get are the stars, but we've found a whole new spin. If you reach for the heavens, you get the stars thrown in!" 

   So about two posts ago I brought to your attention the fact that I had gotten a supporting role in Mary Poppins, which is being put on by my local theatre group.

  We are essentially a month away from show week, so I thought I'd give you an update on how things have been going, and what my experience of being in a Broadway show has been like thus far.

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!!! How do I even begin to explain how amazing this experience has been??? Well let's start at the very beginning. *P.S. All the videos that follow show interviews with the cast, and clips of rehearsals. Exciting much.*

  Two months ago I walked into the first rehearsal feeling extremely nervous. And excited, but mostly nervous. Here I was, a girl with no musical theatre experience, walking into her first show as a member of a company that has been putting on stunning shows for over 30 years. What the heck was I thinking?? I was sure I wouldn't be able to keep up with the crazy rehearsals, and that I'd be nothing compared to everyone else. But I was so, so wrong. Within two rehearsals, I felt like I'd known these people for years, even though I had just met them.

 Fast forward two months and I now have a second family.

   I spend 6-8 hours rehearsing every Sunday, and another 4 hours rehearsing on Thursday's and I never get tired of it because it's such an amazing group of people. Everyone that is there loves the theatre, loves the show, and loves to be apart of such an amazing cast, and that type of energy fuels every rehearsal.

   I've also learned so, so much. I started the show with no dance experience, and limited acting experience. (Singing was fine, I've done enough karaoke to take care of that aspect. ;) But our director and choreographer are so amazing; they take people as they come, and put them where they fit best. Our dance choreographer and instructor are amazing, and thanks to them everyone, even me; someone with no dance experience is now fully apart of the dances.

Not to mention the cast is sooooo talented. We have a ton of professional dancers, and people who can tap, and amazing singers, and it's just AGH so wonderful.

  Today, 90% of our tickets are sold for the show, (that's 3,270 people who are going to see the show; not including two student matinees), we've had our first costume fittings, (they are to die for) our sets are coming along very well, we've almost finished choreographing the 6:00 minute monster of a song Step in Time, (in which I am a chimney sweep, and I get to dance with a broom and jump onto chimneys and dance on chimneys, and get spun by another guy, and end the song with a shoulder lift and a very triumphant Hamilton-esqe pose. It's amazing.) and I can spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

   My onstage mother and her daughter who plays Jane are so much fun, Mary and Bert are absolutely adorable, I've had a ton of laughs with an adorable British lady named Vicky who has just as much trouble dancing as I do, and my on-stage, twin sister and I bonded instantly.

  I'm in love with the cast, in love with the show, and in love with the whole experience. And we're only half-way done!!!

  I'm most definitely going to keep giving updates, and sharing photos and videos as they keep emerging.

  Thanks for putting up with this whale of a post. ;) Y'all are gems.

And if any of you want to learn more about The Community Players of New Hamburg, I'm linking their website below.

"Stretch your mind beyond fantastic, dreams are made of strong elastic. Go on, chase your dreams, you won't regret it. Anything can happen if you let it!" 

-Mary Poppins 

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day Thoughts {All the Single Ladies!}

     Happy Valentine's Day! Or to people like myself, Happy Single's Awareness Day! ;)  I love Valentine's Day. Because who wouldn't love a day in the middle of winter when everything is pink and red and frilly and romantic, and candy flows like water? It's wonderful. As I was walking around school today, and observing all the obnoxious high school couples all over the place, I was thinking about how my opinion of Valentine's Day has changed over the years, and thinking about how a young woman ought to view Valentine's Day while she is waiting to find her own Prince Charming.

Happy Valentine's Day!:

   I feel like to many young women, if you aren't in a relationship on Valentine's Day, then your world might as well just come crashing down around you. It's the day of love, and you don't have a special guy to share it with. How much more horrible can it get?!

  I completely understand those feelings. I've felt those feelings. But ladies, we are so. much. more. than our relationship status. We are young women who's lives are not defined by whether or not we have a boyfriend, or significant other. We are young women who are loved endlessly by the One who created us. We are young women who have been created with the capability to impact others profoundly with our lives, our voices, our kindness, our love. And we are young ladies, whose lives are just beginning, who's plan the Lord has just started to unfold, and we have the world at our fingertips.

  So on Valentine's Day, don't let it be a day when you mourn the fact that you are single. Instead, remind yourself that you are already loved by the Lord, and by others. Remember that your life is bigger than your relationship status. Celebrate the love that is around you, celebrate with those who have found their true loves. And learn from the wise relationships of your parents, and grandparents.

   With all that being said, it't still totally ok spending a day to just enjoy romantic books and movies, and be all gushy and cheesy about our favourite Rom Coms, or Period Drama's, because that's just downright fun. There's nothing wrong with being single, (especially at our age) but there's also nothing wrong with dreaming about the Valentine's Day when we will have someone, and we will have found our own Prince Charming, or Mr. Darcy, or Henry Tilney, that the Lord has planned for us.

  That's why today, when I get home from school, (I'm currently in my free period) I'm going to wear pink clothes, and drink lots of tea from fancy tea cups, and eat chocolate and watch Jane Austen or The Young Victoria, or Shakespeare, or Gilmore Girls or anything else adorable and romantic. I'm
gonna dream about finding my own Tom Hiddleston, (because guys, he's so *swoon*)

But most importantly  I'm going to cherish the time I have now, whether I'm single or not; and enjoy the wonderful, exciting life that's been laid out for me to walk. And someday, Lord willing, I'll find the person who's meant to walk it with me. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Something is Happening, About to Begin

  So remember that thing I mentioned a bit ago? That audition for a certain Broadway show? *ahem Mary Poppins ahem*

  Yes. Well. I GOT IN!!!!!!! *Dances around the room and screams wildly.* I found out yesterday, (Wednesday) after a week and a half of agonizing waiting. So now, I am officially apart of the Mary Poppins Ensemble, with The Community Players of New Hamburg. *screams again*

  I will be playing Fannie, twin sister to Annie, and daughter of Mrs. Corry. I know nothing else about them, because they aren't in the Disney movie, and I've never seen the Broadway show.
 Nonetheless, I'm sure Fannie will be a brilliantly fun character, and I'm especially excited, because although Fannie is a member of the ensemble, the fact that she actually has a name, suggests that she might actually have a few speaking parts, as well as singing and dancing. *excitement increases*

 Rehearsals start Febuary the 5th, and will continue ever Sunday and Thursday night, as well as Tuesdays if they're needed, until show week in May. So my life will get very busy, very fast, but in the best way possible.

   I'm so grateful for this opportunity to try out a larger scale production, and to get involved in such an amazing Community Theatre, where I'll learn so flipping much!! Now I can finally start listening to the soundtrack non stop, and watching all the YouTube clips I can find. I'm counting down till the Read Through, and can't wait to see who's going to be my twin sister, and Mary Poppins and GAHHH!  ;)

  "Wind's in the East, there's a mist rolling in; like something is happening, about to begin!"